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"Sexy Foxy Lover Mother"

— our motto


Lover:  The Person Who Loves

Mother: The Most Beautiful Word In The World

   Nursing Covers

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Our Fabrics

Our products are made of fine quality flax linen, fair trade hemp, and organic cotton. Linen is naturally cool, breathable, anti-bacterial, lint-free, becoming more lustrous and beautiful with age and a little bit of care.  We believe everyone should have a dignified quality of life and are proud to use fair trade hemp.  Hemp is very similar to linen, but is less stretchy and more sustainable, taking less water and time to grow and manufacture.  All of our cottons are Organic Cotton so that you and your baby have the best that mother nature provides.

Baby Carrier Wrap

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Our pre-washed wraps in fair trade hemp and organic cotton fabric has been naturally dyed with trees and plants are the REAL luxury item that provides great ease and comfort that we all can live with.




We celebrate the special bond between a mother and her child. Like the great mind behind our logo of the phases of Venus, Galileo, we are inspired by the unique potential within all of us.

We want you to love the covers as much as we do and offer follow up care services:

  • If there are any parts that break down or rip, please ship it back to us and we will fix for free, minus the shipping,
  • As a keepsake for you, we offer a service to cut off the rigid neckline of nursing covers and finish the edge for free minus the shipping.

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CARE INFO FOR LINEN, HEMP, & COTTON: Machine wash cold, gentle cycle.  Line dry or tumble dry low.  If needed, iron on steam setting. Dry-cleanable. 100% Natural fibers, slight shrinkage may occur.  Bleach should not be used as it can significantly degrade and weaken the natural fibers.

Fairy Tale Ending

Our 1 of a kind items that have found lovely homes.




A Gifted Baby

Salem, Massachusettes



Brooklyn, New York


Norman and Jules

Brooklyn, New York


Tiny Crane

Los Angeles, California


The Tot




Virina Maternity

Tokyo, Japan