Baby Carrier Wrap - 2 Stripes

Baby Carrier Wrap - 2 Stripes

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Woven Baby Wraps are made with attention to detail in our studio in Long Island.  Each item is lovingly sewn and hand-dyed using natural botanical dyes that come from plant leaves, roots, and tree barks.  Please allow 3 weeks to be custom made to the size and color of your choice.  The patterns will vary slightly from the photos as each item is individually dyed by hand.

2 Stripes pattern is named for the 2 lighter stripes running down the length of the wrap.

Product Details:

55% Fair Trade Hemp (means everyone has been fairly paid) & 45% Organic Cotton

Center of the wrap is easy to find with embroidery of 2 stars

Comes with an Instructional Tying Booklet

Made in USA


The world lives in our wraps:

Blue dye comes from the Indigo plant which is the same plant used to dye your favorite pair of jeans.

Coral is a delicious sun-kissed pink from the root of a plant.


If your size and pattern is not available, please contact us at

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