Botanical Dyed Ring Sling - Heartwood Stripe

Botanical Dyed Ring Sling - Heartwood Stripe


1 of a Kind Hand-Dyed Woven Ring Sling

Snuggle your baby in goodness with organic cotton/fair trade hemp linen blend ring sling hand-dyed with natural botanical dyes.  The items are made with attention to detail in our Long Island studio.  Each item is lovingly sewn and hand-dyed using natural botanical dyes that come from plant leaves, roots, and tree barks.  

Perfectly Imperfect

Due to the nature of the hand-dying with plant based dyes, each piece is 1 of a kind and can never be exactly duplicated.  The patterns will vary slightly from the photos as each item is individually dyed by hand in small batches.

2 STRIPES pattern.  Nutty toast color comes from a heartwood of a tree.


Aluminum Ring Color: Silver

Carry up to 35lbs baby

Size: 76" x 26"

Fabric: 55% Fair Trade Hemp Linen & 45% Organic Cotton Blend

Made in Long Island, USA

Item comes in a kraft paper box with magnetic closure.  Galileo's drawing of the constellation Orion is letterpressed with silver foil on the cover.


Care: Machine wash cold on gentle cycle.  

Do not use bleach or beach alternative.  

Line dry or tumble dry low. 

If needed,  iron on steam setting.  

Dry cleanable.  

100% natural fiber, slight shrinkage may occur.  

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