1 of a Kind Hand-Dyed Baby Stroller Blanket

Snuggle your baby in goodness with organic cotton/fair trade hemp linen blend baby stroller blanket, hand-dyed by an artisan with natural indigo botanical dyes.  The blankets are made with attention to detail in our Long Island studio.  Each item is lovingly sewn and hand-dyed using natural botanical dyes that come from plant leaves, roots, and tree barks.  


Perfectly Imperfect

The blue color comes from the natural indigo plant and due to the nature of the hand-dying with plants, each piece is 1 of a kind and can never be exactly duplicated.  The patterns will vary slightly from the photos as each item is individually dyed by hand in small batches.

COSMOS pattern is named for evoking the dreamy galaxy.


Size: 30" x 36"

Fabric: 55% Fair Trade Hemp Linen & 45% Organic Cotton Blend Woven on Dyed Side, White Knit on Undyed Side.

Item comes in a kraft paper box with magnetic closure.  Galileo's drawing of the constellation Orion is letterpressed with silver foil on the cover.

Made in Long Island, USA


Care: Machine wash cold on gentle cycle.  

Do not use bleach or beach alternative.  

Line dry or tumble dry low. 

If needed,  iron on steam setting.  

Dry cleanable.  

100% natural fiber, slight shrinkage may occur.  


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